Q&A with Shamrock’s Shea Jernigan


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Last season Shamrock declined to University Interscholastic League’s proposed Class 1A alignment. Rather than playing in the designated six-man classification, head coach Jarrett Vickers and the Irish finished off their 2018 11-man season with a record of 3-7.

Quarterback Shea Jernigan is leading the Irish out of the tunnel and into the 2019 season following a junior campaign that saw him go for 1,170 yards on the ground and 600 yards through the air combining for 24 touchdowns.

Shamrock QB Jernigan is hopeful to change the Irish “culture” for future generations. [Provided Photo]

You’re a guy that’s pretty electric on the field. What goes through your head when a play is called specifically for you?

“I just think about how I want to run the play and where it hurts the defense. It’s my time to make a play so when my number is called it’s time to go get it.”

Playing quarterback is a leadership role–how would you describe yourself as a leader?

“I’m not really a vocal leader. I prefer actions–if I go hard the rest of the team will go hard. Sometimes there are times where certain teammates don’t see that, so that’s when I start to be vocal. It’s more so to get the team fired up and going. Whatever I can do to get the team coming out hot.”

Do you have a special relationship with any of your coaches?

“Coach (Jarrett) Vickers and I are really close. We have our similarities, we’re both competitors and think the same too. If it’s a 3rd and 3 call, I’m probably thinking the same thing he is. It’s a great relationship to have.”

What are the expectations for the Irish in 2019?

“This year it’s more of us seeing progress as a team. Coming off of a 3-7 season you just want to see how far you’ve come. We’re trying to establish a culture for the younger guys to carry on. We’re not as concerned about playoffs as we are about starting a new culture.”

Who’s the greatest quarterback of all time?

“I’d have to give it to the ‘G.O.A.T.’ Tom Brady himself.”

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