Q&A Stratford’s Walker McBryde


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Stratford has always had a rich football history in the Texas Panhandle.

The Elks are typically remembered for two things: The power run game and having a McBryde on the roster.

This year is no different for Stratford as quarterback Walker McBryde returns to run the Elks potent rushing attack.

McBryde took time out of practice to discuss the legacy that comes along with representing his town and the family name.

Stratford has a rich football history, what’s it like walking onto E.L. “Sam”Bass Stadium before a game?

“It means so much to us, I can’t describe the feeling but it’s something that never changes. It’s a feeling that’s looked forward to year.”

What can we expect out of the Stratford Elks in 2019?

“I feel like we’ve been more focused and more fundamentally sound offensively and defensively. We’ve definitely practiced harder this year than last year, but we’re really looking forward to the season.”

Stratford is always known to have a McBryde or two on the roster. What’s it like when it’s your name?

“It means so much to be able to come out and play for the Elks. It’s always something I’ve wanted to live up to but I’d like to stand out as well.”

Last year started slow but you finished strong playing another year of December football. How did your team persevere through that?

“I think we finally figured it out. Practice was rocky, at the beginning of the year but we finally got it rolling and the work paid off with us going to the playoffs.”

How much does it help being coached by former Stratford players who are now on staff?

“It’s real fun. The coaches had the experience I’m having right now, and it’s great. We played for the same team and laced up on the same field. They know exactly what it’s like and it relates to all of us.”

What’s a favorite quote from a coach on staff?

“Coach (Jonathan) Murphy has a question he’ll ask that really gets us going. ‘Why fight it when it makes you better.’ It makes me think about why we’re actually doing the things we do and motivates me to do more.”

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