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Texas Panhandle athletes make their Super Bowl LV predictions

Major Everhart

The pick: Chiefs 34, Bucs 24

Why KC: “I think the Chiefs will overpower the Bucs with the amount of options they have on offense. But Brady will be hard to stop, but I don’t think Tampa’s offense is as consistent as the Chiefs.”

Grace Foster, Childress

The pick: Chiefs 35, Bucs 30

Why KC: “I think that Mahomes will be eager to prove himself against one of the best to ever do it. The Chiefs proved last year that they can handle the big stage, and it is going to be new territory for the Bucs.”

Wes Jones, Panhandle

The pick: Chiefs 35, Bucs 27

Why KC: Patrick mahomes is the young GOAT, and also because he’s one of my relatives. So of course I’ll root for him.”

Cornelius Landers, Pampa

The pick: Bucs 24, Chiefs 17

Why Tampa: “Mahomes is really good but we just can’t sit here and over look what Tom Brady did. He made history this year in the playoffs, and Tom is just to different #GOAT.”

Davin Lemmons, Amarillo High

The pick: Chiefs 30, Bucs 24

WHY KC: “Of course I’m going with my Chiefs. I know the Bucs are going to play the Chiefs differently than they did before but K.C. Is hot right now. I think the Chiefs defense is coming to play #ChiefsKingdom.”

Taryn Shultz

The pick: Chiefs 56, Bucs 28

Why KC: “I don’t know a ton about football but I think the Chiefs will win. Mahomes is twice the quarterback Tom Brady is so that’s why the Chiefs will win by two times the Buccaneers score.”

Kynnan Shields, Shamrock

The pick: Chiefs 34, Bucs 17

Why KC: “Mahomes and the rest of the Chiefs are young but have Super Bowl experience. Brady is getting old and can’t keep up with K.C.”

Taytum Stow, Hereford

The pick: Bucs 35, Chiefs 28

Why Tampa: “Both teams have good offenses, but I have a feeling that Tom Brady is going to go off for his last possible game in his career.”

Brenen Thompson, Spearman

The pick: Chiefs 33, Bucs 24

Why KC: “Though I think Tom Brady will be comfortable and do a good job, it’s going to he hard for Tampa’s defense to stop all the playmakers Mahomes has.”

Kenadee Winfrey, Canyon

The pick: Chiefs 38, Bucs 24

Why KC: “It all starts with Kansas City’s head coach Andy Reid, who looks like Santa Clause to me. Also, Eric Bieniemy, the offensive coordinator is really good. Chris Beard, at Texas Tech, wrote me a hand written letter when I hurt my knee a couple years ago so I’ve been all about the Red Raiders after that, so obviously Pat Mahomes is my dude. There is also no way to stop Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill out of the slot, and you can’t cover Travis Kelsey.”

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