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Side out with Tascosa’s Taryn Galt

Tascosa’s Taryn Galt (12) will be a senior leader for the Lady Rebels. [Tyler Anderson/ For Press Pass Sports]

Galt is coming off a big junior season for the Lady Rebels. She ended her year with 276 kills and 36 aces. The talented outside hitter enters her senior season as a leader for a Tascosa team that’s expected to compete for a District 2-6A championship.

Galt, who has committed to Southwestern Oklahoma State University, took time out her schedule to speak with Press Pass Sports.

How do you feel being a senior?“I’m really excited to go into my senior year. It’s a little sad because Tascosa has been my life. My dad is a coach there, and we’ve been working so hard for a longtime now. But I’m looking forward to it.”

How much has your role changed from this year to last year? “My role has changed quite a bit. This year I’m getting a lot of chances and a lot of sets. I want to be more of a leader to leave a legacy for years to come.”

What are expectations for the Lady Rebels?“Our expectation is to refocus. We want to be together as one. We need to be more of a unit. In the past we’ve been a bunch of individuals. This year we have a lot of chemistry, so if we work together our expectations can soar through the roof.”

I hear you’re into big into music and sing the National Anthem at home games?“I’ve been into music since I was 3-years old. I’ve tried to write my own music but I don’t have much time. I love singing, and singing in front of people. I don’t get nervous.”

How did you get into singing the National Anthems?“Girls basketball coach (Betsy) Baughman heard me sing. She asked me to sing at basketball games, then as a sophomore I started doing it at the volleyball games and it’s carried on ever since.”

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