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Q&A with Pampa’s Hallie Sieck

Hallie Sieck will enter her fourth year on varsity for the Lady Harvesters. [Charla Schultz/ Press Pass Sports]

Pampa setter Hallie Sieck has been a mainstay on the Lady Harvesters volleyball team, beginning her impressive fourth year on varsity.

As a junior last season, Sieck helped lead the Harvesters to an 27-13 record, and a trip to the Class 4A regional quarterfinal.

Sieck ended her year earning District 4-4A Co-Setter of the Year honors, racking up 1,035 assists, 263 digs, 76 aces and 56 kills.

Sieck is an extremely busy student-athlete, playing basketball, running track and cheerleading for Pampa.

Sieck took time out of her schedule to talk with Press Pass Sports about her senior season and her career. 

So playing three sports, and cheerleading. You must be busy?

“It’s all sports and school. But it’s fun. I like doing it all.”

Do you have a favorite sport?

“I like them all but I’d have to go with volleyball.”

Obviously last March was rough on you and a lot of your teammates not being able to finish the year. How much are you relishing the opportunity to play now?

“I feel really blessed. What happened last year really motivates me to not take anything for granted. I just want to do my best.”

How do you like having coach (Kaylee) Samulowitz as your new head volleyball coach?

“We all love her. She’s really motivating, and she pushes all of us to be the best we can be. She’s very positive and very encouraging.”

How much have you grown and improved in four years on varsity?

“I feel I’ve grown tremendously, especially mentally. I’m really bad about getting in my head, but coach “Sam” has always been there and helped me get better with that.”

What’s the expectation for this Pampa team?

“We are in a very competitive district now. The plan is to play together, give it our best every time we go out on the floor, and try to win district.”

Do you have any hobbies?

“I love to sing. I’m also in the choir here at school.”

What’s your go to show on Netflix?

“Vampire Diaries. No question.”

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