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Q&A with Gruver’s Matthew Felderhoff

The Gruver Greyhounds return for the 2019 football season following a trip to AT&T Stadium to play for a first ever state championship. Led by head coach Terry Felderhoff, the team's combined record in the last two years is 24-5 with the aid of three year starter Matthew Felderhoff--coach Felderhoff’s youngest son.

Matthew has performed well under his father, totaling 44 catches, 600 receiving yards, and five touchdowns. .

Felderhoff took time out of a busy two-a-days schedule to answer a few questions with Press Pass Sports.

Gruver's senior receiver Matthew Felderhoff hopes the Greyhounds have another successful playoff run. [Provided photo]

You’ve played on varsity since your sophomore season, going into your senior year, how has that experience helped you?

“It’s definitely helped me calm the younger guys. I know now it’s okay to stay calm in big situations and keep a level head.”

Your team’s combined record in two years is 24-5, what’s the reason behind that success?

“The main reason behind the success is that we changed our mindsets. We decided my sophomore year that we’d condition harder, out work everyone, and change how we practice. We wanted to make sure the other team was more tired than we are.”

What’s it like being the head coach’s son?

“It’s all I’ve ever known. I think it’s harder for my dad than for me because he has to keep ​the dad out of it and make sure everything is for the team.”

You’ve been coached by your dad for a few years now, how does it feel knowing this is your last year to play for him?

“It’s sad knowing this will be my last year. I’ve got mixed emotions because it’s great that I’ve had him as my coach for a long time. It’s sad just knowing it’s all coming to an end this year.”

What are you expecting out of the Gruver Greyhounds this year?

“As long as we stay healthy I think we have another chance at a deep playoff run.”

If you were going to draft one United States president to a football team, who’s the first round pick?

“I’d say Dwight D. Eisenhower. He spent most of his time in the military and really seems like a hard-headed, dude.”

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