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Q&A with Bushland’s Noah Laurent

The 6-foot-2, 195 pound Laurent had a breakout year in 2018.

The super intense linebacker became Bushland’s leader on defense by flying around the


Laurent tallied an impressive 161 tackles, 71 of which were of the solo variety, with three sacks.

Laurent took time out of his schedule to talk with Press Pass Sports about last season, what his senior year holds and his love for video games.

Where do you feel you’ve improved the most from this year to last year?

“I feel like I’ve really gotten better at reading the line. I’ve worked hard on that and being a better tackler. I’ve been able to get to the ball quicker and I’m stronger. I lifted all summer.”

Did you expect to have the season you did last year?

“I really didn’t. Being on varsity as a junior over some of the seniors was hard. I felt like I really had to prove myself.”

What can we expect from the 2019 Bushland team?

“We hold ourselves to a high expectation. We have a lot of good team chemistry. Our team is all bought in and has came together. I feel that will help us have a great year.”

What are some individual goals you’ve set for yourself?

“Just be a great teammate first off. I want to help us win games. But, I’d really like to get more tackles than last year and get recruited to play college football.”

What do we not know about you off the field.. what are your hobbies?

“I’m a big video game guy. My buddy Damon Sooter and I play a ton of video games. We love Call of Duty.”

How many hours straight will you guys play?

“Oh, I don’t want to admit that. Sometimes its all night, we won’t even go to bed until morning.”

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