• Kale Steed

Coach’s confession: Using coaching as a learning tool

This latest installment of Coach’s Confession focuses on a Texas Panhandle football coach that grew up in the Amarillo-area.

This coach has spent 15 years in coaching.

He’s spent the last nine years as a head coach at three different schools between Oklahoma and Texas.

Our anonymous coach confesses his passion for breaking down film, and learning from those he coaches against.

What do you love about your job?

“I like the scheming. I love to break other teams down. That’s the most fun. I love to go up against teams we go up against every year, and I learn a lot too.”

What’s the absolute worst part of coaching?

“I’d have to say the paper work. Day to day of UIL paper work or purchasing and budgeting. I spend way to much time doing that. I also loath doing laundry and painting the field. I’m fan of either.”

What’s the favorite moment in your coaching career?

“We went to the state semifinals in my second year as a head coach. It was unbelievable. It felt like you couldn’t do anything wrong that season.”

Do you have a parent story you want to share from your time as a coach?

“It was one my first year as a head coach. I was at the grocery store having a casual conversion with a dad. We were getting to play a rival, and be before our conversation ends he looks me dead in the eye and says, ‘We fire coaches that lose to this rival’.”

Any guilty pleasures you’d like to confess?

“I really don’t have any. I like to cook and stay active to relieve stress. I also watch trash reality tv withyr my wife.”

Which reality shows do you watch?

“Bachelors in Paradise and Real Housewives.”

What made you want to coach?

“I love competition. I looked up to my high school coaches so much that I never thought about another career.”

If you could leave your current job for your dream coaching job, would you do it and what would that be?

“I honestly don’t know what my dream job would be. There are good and bad things about most jobs. I highly doubt there is a coaching job out there that is perfect.”

“Being coachable plain and simple. So many kids confuse coaching with dislike or criticism.”

How many hours do you work in a week?

“During a football season, I say around 70 hours a week.

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