Parker: Life has changed dramatically for students


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Randall volleyball standout and senior Zoe Parker works on her homework from her bedroom with school’s doing online only during the danger of the coronavirus. [Provided photo]

Everyone always used to complain about the boring routine of waking up, going to school, going to practice, and coming home just to do more school work.

I actually had a countdown on my phone of how many days left of high school I had, and I’m certain I wasn’t the only senior who did. Then, in the blink of an eye, the last stretch of our senior year is now up in the air due to the dangerous coronavirus.

It’s funny how quickly that changes your mindset.  Now I’m wishing I could have these last few months of high school with friends I may never see again after we graduate. Wishing I was still getting work with my amazing teachers and coaches everyday. Wishing that I could see our sports teams play one last time. Wishing I could just get back into my old routine. I know a lot of these things sound unimportant compared to the horrible sickness that thousands of people are affected by worldwide. To the senior class, however, these seemingly little things that we have looked forward to after 13 years of school are really important to us. Graduation is something we have been excited about for the past four years, senior prom is supposed to be a night you will always remember, senior night for your athletes is something you’ve been waiting for since your freshman year. We have worked for the past 13 years of our lives to get to this point and it feels like after everything we have worked for, we are just in limbo without a conclusion. It’s a very confusing time for everyone all over the world, including all of us students. We have no idea if we can have prom, if we will get to walk the stage to accept our diploma or if we will just receive it in the mail. With that said, there is still so much to be grateful for. A lot of us students are proud of the job Canyon ISD has done protecting us from the virus and being able to stay healthy. I’ve enjoyed getting to sleep in till 10 everyday and doing schoolwork from my bed, while getting a lot of extra family game nights before I go off to college. Although this was not necessarily the second half of my senior year I was looking forward to, I can confidently say that the class of 2020 has one of the most memorable, and probably only, pandemic graduating year. Hopefully, for the sake of everyone, we will be the last pandemic class. As I stated earlier, these problems the senior class has are very minuscule compared to what people are going through all over the world. I am praying for all the people affected by or people that have lost loved ones to this virus. This is a very serious outbreak and we should all be willing to give up whatever we need to help prevent further spread. In the meantime stay safe, social distance, and hopefully, my next story will be after my 2020 graduation ceremony.

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