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David Erickson – Press Pass Sports

David Erickson is one of the many new photographers shooting for Press Pass Sports. You’ve likely seen some of his great photography, but here’s a look at the man behind the camera.

Beginning in 2018, his first assignment was in his high school yearbook class in Perryton. Approached by the yearbook teacher to help with capturing sports photos, David started with little assistance other than a friend who showed him the basics of camera settings. He had attempted a few other times to get into photography, but it never seemed to completely click. However, that day was different. Everything seemed to align for him that day, making him fully hooked and focused on becoming better.

David’s first main sports event he photographed was a Perryton Ranger baseball game. With the sun setting picturesquely behind the field, he captured the pitcher in his windup that came out exactly as he had hoped.

Despite his beginnings of baseball, his favorite sports to photograph are football and track. David enjoys the hard-hitting action of football offers many different aspects of the game to shoot. His only regret about the sport from a pure aesthetic angle are the helmets. He finds that they hide the players’ faces and makes it more difficult to capture the emotion of the action.

With track, there isn’t that hindrance. With the complete raw nature of athletes in full view, David loves to being able to capture those elements of athleticism in both the action and expression.

Having moved from Perryton to Lubbock for 15 years, he and his family moved back to be closer to their relatives and raise their kids in a smaller environment.

Take a look at David’s first two galleries for Press Pass Sports:

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