Coach’s Confession: Rough around the edges


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For this week’s Coach’s Confessions, Press Pass Sports takes an inside look at the life of an area coach who has been involved in football for twelve years.

This coach has a very entertaining look at his career, between the passion he shows when working with kids, to his hatred for the Cleveland Browns, and a practice that turned into a “backyard football” moment, this coach has seen it all.

What do you absolutely love about your job?

“I love going out and working with kids. I’m all about the camaraderie with the other coaches on staff and building relationships wherever I go.”

What’s the absolute worst part of coaching?

“For me it’s all the politics. I’ve never been the type of guy who likes authority and for me—when a parent comes in to tell me how to run my program, I tell them to leave immediately. When they threaten my way to support my family I don’t take it too kindly. Call the school board before you call me.”

What’s the funniest thing you’ve had happen with an athlete?

I had an athlete who was not a very talented guy; he worked hard for us, but he never really was athletic. One day we were having a bad practice and we put him at scout team running back. Our defense was clobbering them—anyway an assistant was just getting in the ear of the scout team. This athlete formed another huddle and drew up a play on his hand like backyard football at thanksgiving—a half back pass. He didn’t catch the toss to him but he picked up the fumble and launched it to the end zone and scored. He ran down the sideline hooting and hollering. It really made the practice go much better.”

What’s a game day habit/phobia you have?

“Every game day I wear the exact same pair of underwear. The bad thing is, is I won’t wash them until we lose.”

Any guilty pleasures you’d like to confess?

“I’d like to say no, but I love video games. I’m a big Call of Duty guy, but probably the worst of all is a game I play on my phone called Clash of Clans. It’s pretty nerdy to me but I love it”

If you could leave your current job for your dream coaching job, would you do it and what would that be?

“I think if I could have any job in the world it would be the owner of the Cleveland Browns. I’d buy it, and do the world a favor by burning the place to the ground.”

What’s the number one thing you look for in an athlete?

“I look for a kid with great body language. A guy who’s humble, but has that confident attitude. He treats game day like it’s the only day he has left and plays with a lot of fire.”

When you retire, what’s the one thing you want to be remembered as a coach?

“I certainly know some people who would consider me rough around the edges, but I want everyone to know how much I love their kids. To a fault I feel like I neglect my family for others’ kids. But I’m hard on kids because I truly care about their well being and I want them all to be successful in their endeavors.”

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