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eUnited lifts the CoD champs trophy after a very tough series agents 100 thieves. [Photo provided by Call of Duty]

The Call of Duty World Championships has come and gone, and yet again it was another great five days in Los Angeles, Calif.

From last Wednesday to Sunday one of the biggest eSports tournaments in the country saw the CoD champion take home $ 800,000.

CoD Champs is a tournament that goes from a pool play system into a double elimination style bracket, similar to the format of the FIFA World Cup.

Tournament favorite teams such as Optic Gaming, 100 Thieves and eUnited all being top picks to win the prize money. These teams did not disappoint, all finishing in the final three.

Early in the elimination stages 100 Thieves, led by former rookie of the year Kenny, dropped into the losers bracket making their journey to the grand finals more difficult. Having to face teams in the losers bracket such as FaZe Clan in round one, who almost knocked them out of the tournament.

Optic Gaming and eUnited were fortunate enough to stay on the winners side to face each other in the winners finals.

On championship Sunday however, the 2017 CoD Champs winners in Optic Gaming could not get the job done.

Optic Gaming played two uncharacteristic matches, not up to their form. That helped  eUnited take the winners bracket in a quick 3-1 map count. Sending Optic Gaming down to losers finals. Which the fans who were heavily favoring Optic where not happy about.

In losers finals was a matchup people didn’t want to see, myself included.

100 Thieves battled familiar foe Optic Gaming.

These two teams have close ties to each other. Matt “Nadeshot” Hagg, the 100 Thieves owner, was once a superstar for Optic Gaming.

In the end, Matt and 100 Thieves blew past his former squad with a map count of 3-1.


Grand finals started to take off. eUnited being the winner of the last LAN tournament in Miami, Fla., came into the grand finals with a load of confidence, not to mention this years Rookie of the Year in Simp.

eUnited went up early in the series with a dominating win in the first Hardpoint map, winning 250-126 going in to their favored game mode of Search and Destroy.

Map two was the Search and Destroy that eUnited was waiting for but they fall in their favored game mode 3-6 off of incredible play by 100 Thieves Octane.

Map 3 the being Control on Frequency was in the favor of 100 Thieves. As expected they take the map 1-3.

Being down 2 maps to 1 eUnited took it in strides going into the next round of Hardpoint, 100 Thieves put up a huge fight this time around but still fell short 250-219. Simp was just too much for them.

Going into the last round of Search and Destroy the drama didn’t get any easier. eUnited took the first 2 rounds of the hard point but it was back and forth from there. Watching Simp and Octain battle it out. Taking it to a game 10, and eUnited took home the rings with a 6-4 win.

Top 6 payout:

1: eUnited ($800,000)

2: 100 Thieves ($260,000)

3: Optic Gaming ($140,000)

4: Enigma6 ($110.000)

5: Team Reciprocity ($75,000)

6: Units ($75,000)

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